eSports Betting: Market Segmentation for Forex Trading

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The emerging eSports‍ betting market segmentation ‌ forex is creating a wealth of opportunities for both investors and players alike.‍ As the eSports industry continues to ​grow by leaps and ​bounds, ⁣so⁣ too does the burgeoning demand for a more sophisticated form of investing⁢ in these‍ games. In particular, ⁤the forex market is being‌ inundated with proposals for market ‌segmentation in the eSports betting space. In this⁢ article, we’ll explore these⁢ new trading opportunities and the‌ potential ⁣for ⁢massive⁣ profits therein.

What is⁢ eSports Betting?

ESports ⁢betting is the act of placing ‍a wager on competitive ‍video gaming events. It involves predicting the outcomes of Esports ⁣matches or tournaments and picking one of‍ the two teams or players to⁢ win.⁣ Generally, betting odds are calculated by taking into account the performance of‍ the two teams or players⁢ in the past ⁤in order to decide the likelihood ⁢of either player ‌or team winning the match.‌ The types ⁢of bets made on these events‍ can vary from predicting the outright winners of a ‌tournament or match, to betting on certain particular outcomes​ of the​ matches.

Growth of eSports Betting

Gambling on Esports has become increasingly popular in recent years.⁣ In 2021,​ the global Esports betting market size was estimated⁣ to be USD 9749 million. This​ market is expected to ⁣reach USD 35556.36 million by 2031, demonstrating a ‌CAGR⁢ of 13.7%. This surge ‍is being driven in part by the rapidly growing ⁣global popularity of Esports, which has seen ⁤the genre ⁤draw ​100 million viewers to its events in 2021 ‍alone. The⁢ increasing trend of gamification of Esports⁤ and ⁣the ever-growing number ⁢of Esports leagues and tournaments have also ⁣worked to drive the popularity of‌ Esports ⁤betting.

Esports Betting Market ​Segmentation

The market for Esports betting⁤ can be segmented into various categories ​based on the type of Esports on offer. The most popular types of‌ Esports used for betting purposes are ⁤football, tennis, E-Sport, basketball, hockey, boxing, horse racing, baseball, and others. In comparison to other traditional sports, Esports betting is far more accessible in terms of geographical ⁢coverage and ⁣betting options, due ⁤to the ​numerous games and tournaments available. This has further‍ helped ⁣to drive the growth of the market.

Furthermore,⁣ demographical ⁣preferences have also played an important role in the growth of the market. ‌The young male population particularly ⁤have been ‌a ⁤key demographic in driving ⁣the growth of Esports⁣ betting. This is due to their interest in Esports, familiarity with digital platforms, and greater propensity for‌ risk-taking. Research has also shown that the consumption‌ of Esports content and gambling ‍ are ⁤associated with Esports betting.

Controversial ⁤Skin⁢ Betting Market

The market for Esports‍ betting has also been affected by the controversial “skin⁢ betting” scene. Skin ‌betting involves the use of in-game virtual items as currency in ⁤order to place bets on Esports matches. This has ⁤drawn the​ ire of regulators in ‌some parts of‍ the world due to the skin betting market ‌often overlapping with⁢ traditional online gambling.​ In a‌ response to these concerns,⁢ now many Esports funds and leagues have restricted or ⁤outright banned betting on their ​matches ‍in an effort to curb the growth of skin ⁤betting.


To conclude, the growth of‌ the Esports betting market in recent years has⁤ been undoubtedly impressive. This has ⁤been driven by several factors such as‌ the popularity of ‍Esports, the increased accessibility to markets, and⁤ the surge of the controversial skin betting market. Demographic preferences and the‍ consumption of Esports ⁣content have also played⁢ a⁣ central role in ⁢the​ growth of the market. Going forward,​ these factors are likely to continue to play a key‍ role in shaping ⁤the future of the Esports betting market.

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