eSports Betting Market Share in 2021: Understanding the Trends

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The​ esports-betting-market-in-forex-trading/” title=”Casino Industry Trends: Understanding Forex Trading”>2021/” title=”Predictions for the eSports Betting Market in 2021″>esports betting market ​has grown substantially in recent ‍years, and it looks set to expand even more in‍ 2021. With the rise⁢ of esports and the⁢ appeal of new avenues for ‌engaging with competitive video⁤ gaming, the global‌ esports betting market share has seen ​steady growth over the last few years and is expected to continue⁣ that ​trend in‍ the coming year. In this⁢ article, ​we will‍ be taking ⁢an in-depth look at the current state of ⁣the esports betting market share in 2021, focusing on forex and what the‍ future may hold. ⁢

‍ Introduction

Esports ‍betting is becoming an⁤ increasingly popular ⁣activity, with estimates showing the global market for ‍esports betting quadrupling in size over the past ​decade. In 2021, the market size of esports betting⁢ is forecast⁣ to account for ⁤a total of USD 83.65 billion worldwide. ‍This growth can ​be⁢ attributed ⁣to the increasing popularity of esports, as well as ⁢the introduction of new services⁣ and platforms that enable players to bet⁢ on the ‍outcomes of popular esports tournaments and competitions. This article will⁢ provide‍ a detailed overview of the esports betting market share in 2021, and ‌analyse the key ⁢trends ⁣and factors contributing to its growth.

Growth of the ​Esports Betting Market

The growth of the esports betting⁣ market ​in 2021 is mainly being driven by a combination of increasing‍ engagement in esports and the emergence of new platforms‌ for betting. With ⁢the‌ increasing ubiquity of ⁣broadband and mobile ⁣broadband penetration, more people than ever before are playing esports games, such as CS:GO, ⁢League of⁣ Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch. This has resulted in the emergence and growth ⁢of several esports tournaments and major competitions, which⁢ in turn ⁤have resulted⁢ in an ​increase in ⁤wagering activity.

The esports ‌betting‍ market share is further boosted by the introduction ‌of new betting services. The emergence​ of digital payments providers ⁢such as ‍PayPal and Paytm has made⁤ it easier than ever for people to make deposits and withdraw their‍ winnings. Additionally, several new esports betting platforms have been launched that provide⁣ players with the ‌ability​ to bet on the outcomes of various esports matches.

Key Trends⁢ in Esports Betting

The growth ⁢of esports​ betting has led to⁢ the emergence of several key trends in 2021. One key trend is the emergence of customer​ analytics and⁤ big data. By collecting ⁢data ⁣from customers, esports betting platforms⁢ can gain ⁢insights into⁣ the‌ players’ preferences⁣ and tailor their services accordingly. This has enabled esports betting platforms ⁢to provide more ⁤accurate predictions, with some platforms now providing players with the ⁢ability to create their own teams and compete in tournaments.

Another key trend is the‍ emergence‍ of blockchain-based esports betting platforms. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology,‌ these⁢ platforms can provide ⁣players with ⁣secure and verifiable bets, as well as instant payouts.​ This has opened up a whole new world of opportunities ​in esports ​betting, as players can now ⁣bet on⁣ games ‌with ​much greater confidence and accuracy.

Finally, the rise of mobile esports ⁤betting has provided players with the ability to bet anywhere, anytime. With the proliferation of smartphones, players can ‌now bet on games ​or tournaments from the comfort of their ‌own homes. ⁢Additionally, mobile esports ​betting platforms⁣ provide players with a more immersive and interactive betting experience, allowing them to engage with the game in real-time.


The ​esports betting market share‌ is expected to⁣ continue to grow in 2021, fuelled by increasing engagement in esports, the emergence of new services and platforms, ‌as⁤ well as the introduction of customer analytics and blockchain-based platforms. Additionally, the growth of mobile esports betting is also likely​ to drive growth in the esports⁤ betting‍ market in 2021. These trends are expected to further propel the growth of the esports betting market in 2021 and beyond.

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