Gambling Addiction Support Groups: Guide to Seeking Help

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Gambling addiction can be a devastating experience for those suffering from it, but help is available for those seeking it. Support groups are a powerful resource for those in need of assistance, providing a safe and supportive environment where individuals can share their struggles and learn from each other, as well as gain access to resources and information. In this article, we’ll explore the support groups dedicated to helping those with a gambling addiction get on the path to a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. We’ll discuss the different types of support groups available, what to expect when you join, and how to locate a support group near you. Whether you’re struggling with a gambling addiction yourself or you know someone who is, read on to learn more about how support groups can offer the help and support you need. and informative

Overview of Gambling Addiction Support Groups

Gambling addiction support groups can offer a safe space for those struggling with gambling addiction to find comfort and guidance. These groups can be found in various formats and settings, including in-person support groups, such as Gamblers Anonymous, and online support forums. Their main goal is to assist those trying to overcome compulsive gambling by providing education, peer support, and resources for therapy or inpatient treatment. They also provide outreach and advocacy for issues related to problem gambling.

How Can Gambling Addiction Support Groups Help?

Gambling addiction support groups exist to provide individuals with support, resources, and education on the disease of gambling addiction. In particular, these groups can help by:

  • Fostering a sense of community among members
  • Promoting recovery and fostering hope

Types of Gambling Addiction Support Groups

Gambling addiction support groups can take a variety of forms, ranging from online support forums to group meetings or guided discussion sessions. The most popular model is the 12 Step Program, which is based on the structure of Alcoholics Anonymous and provides a foundation for tackling gambling addiction through understanding and support. It is also possible to join problem gambling forums online, such as the Gamtalk Discussion Forum or BeGambleAware, which provide a safe space for people to get in touch with each other on topics related to gambling addiction.

In addition to these online groups, there are also in-person support groups available. Most cities have Gamblers Anonymous meetings, which are typically held on a weekly or monthly basis. These are a great place to meet like-minded individuals and to find peers who are willing to support and encourage you in your recovery journey. They are geared towards all levels of problem gamblers, from those who are just beginning to recognize they have a problem to those who have already made significant progress in their recovery. Alliance for Gambling Reform is also a network of organizations committed to reducing problem gambling in the USA by advocating for policies and initiatives.


For those struggling with a gambling addiction, support groups can be a valuable resource. From online forums to in-person meetings, problem gamblers have access to a wide variety of resources and education aimed at aiding recovery. They can also find peers to support and encourage them in their journey, provide resources for therapy or inpatient treatment, and even take part in advocacy initiatives. No matter the form they take, support groups can have a profound impact in helping individuals overcome their gambling addiction.

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