Responsible Gambling: Understanding Organisations Supporting it

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Gambling is a global industry that has caused many issues over the years, including addiction and fraud. As such, many countries have implemented regulations to protect players from irresponsible behavior. Fortunately, there are several organizations that have been set up to promote responsible gambling amongst Forex traders. This article will explore the role of these responsible gambling organizations and the various ways they are making Forex more safe and secure for both traders and regulators. Responsible Gambling Organizations and Initiatives Review

Responsible gambling organizations and initiatives are actively working to promote safer and more positive gaming experiences across the globe. These organizations provide essential information to players about responsible and problem gambling, quizzes, myths and facts to help users make informed decisions. This review aims to provide an overview of some of the leading organizations and initiatives dedicated to promoting consumer protection when it comes to gambling.

Internet Responsible Gambling Standards (IRGS)

The Internet Responsible Gambling Standards (IRGS) are an independent organization that develop codes of conduct for online gambling services. This organization reflected a thorough review of international codes, empirical evidence and feedback from experts to create their set of standards. The standards cover a variety of different topics such as player protection, consumer return process, advertising rules, financial security, research codes and protocols and privacy and disclosure. The main purpose of these rules is to ensure responsible gambling in the industry and facilitate engagement between gambling service providers and the responsible gambling institute.

Advertising Rules for Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling organizations and initiatives have also established a number of rules and regulations in regards to gambling advertising. The rules seek to ensure that advertising across all online platforms are fair, transparent and promote responsible gambling. Ads should not feature images linking to gambling activities or access to gambling activities. The ICRG also stipulates that ads should not be targeted at children, encourage spending beyond a player’s means, feature the proceeds of gambling, or suggest a way of winning on a gambling activity.

Play Data Transparency

Data transparency is a key aspect of responsible gambling initiatives. IRGS requires that all play data collected from regulated online gambling services should be publicly available from the regulatory agency. This data must be provided to qualified researchers, operators and the public for further study on online gambling platforms. This data helps establish an understanding of player behavior and helps operators identify any potential responsible gambling issues.

Internet Responsible Gambling Initiatives

GambleAware is the leading gambling responsibility charity in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2004, this organization focuses on researching the causes and implications of gambling related harms and educating the public about problem gambling and responsible play and gaming. They also provide free and confidential help to people affected by gambling and their families.

Transparency is the other major organization leading responsible gambling initiatives. Founded in 2016, the mission of this organization is to provide services to players and the gambling industry to reduce the risk of gambling harm. They strive to gather, analyze and disclose information to help players make informed decisions and recognize the risks associated with gambling related activities.


The growth of the online gambling industry has impacted the way players and providers interact. Responsible gambling organizations and initiatives provide valuable resources to ensure the safety of players and consumers, while promoting a positive gaming experience. They have laid out codes of conduct, rules and regulations that help set the foundation for responsible gambling practices. Through research and education, these organizations are helping to reduce the stigma associated with online gambling and encourage a more responsible way of play.

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