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Responsible Gambling Resources

Gambling Addiction Resources: Understanding & Finding Help


Gambling addiction is a serious issue that affects an estimated 2-3 percent of the US population. With the right resources, those struggling with this disorder can find the recovery support they need. From professional help to self-help tools, there are numerous resources available to help remedy gambling addiction. Professional treatment options may including individual or group counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps individuals identify the triggers of their addiction and develop an action plan to better manage their compulsive behavior. Additionally, support groups, such as Gamblers Anonymous and Gam-Anon, provide recovery meetings and 12-step programs for common addiction problems. Other useful resources include multimedia self-help tools, such as books, podcasts, and videos, as well as access to debt and financial planning services. There is help available for those struggling with gambling addiction; it is important to take the first step and reach out for the resources that are best suited for your needs.