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eSports Betting Trends

eSports betting market segmentation 2022: An Academic Look


The global eSport betting market is projected to reach nearly $16 billion by 2022, with market segmentation playing an essential role. Global market segmentation is a critical strategy that companies use to divide their target customers into different subgroups based on various factors, such as common interests or age. Global eSports betting companies are leveraging segmentation to obtain a deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviors, preferences and needs. For example, segmenting customers based on age can help eSport betting companies to identify older people as potential customers.

In addition, segmenting customers based on their gaming level can also offer invaluable insights to eSports betting companies on how best to approach the ever-evolving gaming community. Based on these customer insights, eSports betting companies can develop targeted strategies to nurture potential customers. Moreover, by segmenting customers based on their preferred revenue sources, betting companies can better tailor their services to meet customers’ specific requirements.

The 2022 global eSport betting market is set to be an exciting and rapidly-evolving sector. By leveraging market segmentation strategies, eSports betting companies will be able to effectively target and serve their customers, helping them to stay competitive in the gaming landscape.