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eSports Betting Trends

Understanding eSports Betting Demographics: A Guide for Forex Traders

As the competitive gaming industry grows, so does the excitement in eSports betting.

An increased accessibility to these markets has brought about a new wave of fans and enthusiasts, dubbed “eSport Bettors” who are willing to put money down on their favorite players and teams.

Thanks to this, the betting demographics of most major eSports competitions are changing. Technical advancements, such as faster internet speeds, are allowing more fans to join the action.

Many of these bettors are young adults aged 18-24. This age group accounts for the vast majority, or close to 70%, of the betting market. This is due not only to the availability of betting sites, but also their sole access to systems needed to bet and their familiarity with most of the available eSport games.

Yet, this age group is not the only one on the rise. Smartphones and tablets have allowed even more seniors, aged 55+, to get in on the action. As the global eSports market continues to grow, with events increasing in popularity, so will betting opportunities and betting fan demographics.